I started editing professionally in 2011 while studying for my film & TV production BA degree @ Cambridge School of Art
Balancing a permanent position at the BBC and freelance work on the side for some time, I finally took the leap and became fully self-employed in 2015. I went on to work on numerous productions in London and Cambridge, including documentaries, short films, music videos, trailers, promos and commercials
In 2018, I cut my first feature film Drive Me to the End (directed by Richard Summers-Calvert, released in 2020)
I moved my self-employed business to Helsinki in 2020, working with the likes of Filmbutik and Tonto
In 2021, I joined the ranks of reality TV at Banijay as a series editor
I debuted as edit director on TIS11 last year before stepping away from post-production to begin my first year in film directing MA @ Aalto University

Despite having dabbled in most types of moving image and video content, I am always looking for ways to learn, grow and discover something new

I cut on Premiere and Resolve, and can work remotely or on site
Below are a few of the communities and companies I have worked with over the years