21st CENTURY WOMAN (2017)
written and directed by reeta varpama

Influenced by the 1960's documentary 'Women of the World’, Dick S.R. Summen revisits the world of women today to share his insights to those less informed. In a society where his attitude is publicly frowned upon, yet not uncommon, he stalks his prey and reveals her from his narrow perspective. His efforts to get close and capture it all won’t be hindered, with or without her permission.
 Background: in the summer of 2017, I was getting quite fed up with the prevailing misogyny in the UK. Furthermore, to my dismay, I stumbled across 'Women of the World'. In the true 60's fashion, this so-called documentary rips the woman of her voice and reduces her to the sum of her body parts, all the while mocking her merits, yet lusting after her.
Despite all the positive progress for equality and inclusion, sometimes it still feels like we have such a long way to go. So, in a blind rage, I wrote this parody trailer and gathered a handful of friends and fellow film enthusiasts for a one-day shoot in Cambridge, and off we went.